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1) S Makhlouf, M Laghrouche, AEH Adane." Hot Wire Sensor-Based Data Acquisition System for Controlling the Laminar Boundary Layer Near Plant Leaves Within a Greenhouse. IEEE Sensors Journal 16 (8), 2650-2657.2016 2) M Lazri, S Ameur A satellite rainfall retrieval technique over northern Algeria based on the...

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1) M Lazri, S Ameur, JM Brucker, M Lahdir, M Sehad ‘’Analysis of drought areas in Northern Algeria using Markov chains ‘’ Journal of Earth System Science 124 (1), 61-70. 2015. 2) Y Attaf, M Lahdir, AO Boudraa, M Laghrouche, Z Ameur." An AM-FM Based Image Segmentation : Detection of Clouds...

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1) M Lazri, S Ameur, JM Brucker, F Ouallouche “Convective rainfall estimation from MSG/SEVIRI data based on different development phase duration of convective systems (growth phase and decay phase) Atmospheric Research 147, 38-50.2014 2) M Lazri, S Ameur, JM Brucker Analysis of the time trends of...

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1) M Lazri, S Ameur, JM Brucker, J Testud, B Hamadache, S Hameg, Identification of raining clouds using a method based on optical and microphysical cloud properties from Meteosat second generation daytime and nighttime data Applied Water Science 3 (1), 1-11 2) M Lazri, Z Ameur, S Ameur, Y Mohia, JM Brucker, J...

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1) M Laghrouche, B Idjeri, K Hammouche, M Tahanout, J Boussey, S Ameur." Temperature compensation of micromachined silicon hot wire sensor using ANN technique".Microsystem technologies 18 (3), 237-246 2) M Lazri, F Ouallouche, S Ameur, JM Brucker, Y Mohia Identifying convective and stratiform rain by confronting...

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1) M Laghrouche, L Montes, J Boussey, S Ameur."Low-cost embedded spirometer based on micro machined polycrystalline thin film".Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 22 (2), 126-130 2) R Ziani, M Laghrouche, R Mellah ."Digital embedded refractometer with temperature compensation".Sensing and Instrumentation for...

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1) M Laghrouche, S Haddab, S Lotmani, K Mekdoud, S Ameur." Low-Cost Embedded Oximeter",Measurement Science Review 10 (5), 176-179 2) A Lassamen, H Sauvageot, B Campistron, S Ameur Sondage composite de l´ atmosphère par radar VHF et radiomètre micro-ondes Météorologie, 18-24 3) M Laghrouche, S Haddab, S...

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1) A Iassamen, H Sauvageot, N Jeannin, S Ameur Distribution of tropospheric water vapor in clear and cloudy conditions from microwave radiometric profiling Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 48 (3), 600-615 2) S Haddab, M Laghrouche Microcontroller-based system for electrogastrography monitoring...

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01/ A.IASSAMEN, H.SAUVAGEOT, SAMEUR. ‘’Distribution of troposphéric water vapor in clear and cloudy conditions from microwave radiometric profiling’’. Journal of applied meteorology and climatology de l’american meteorological society. 2008. Journal of applied meteorology and...

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01/ M.LAGHROUCHE, J.BOUSSEY, A.ADANE and D.MEUNIER, ‘’Polycrystal silicon thin films for flow measurement’’, African physical review 2007, Vol 1, special issue Microfluides.

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