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      Beah, Celine, coercion, revolution, violence, war [1]
      Behavioral Objectives, Performance. [2]
      Bessie Head,Comparative Literature, Disability Studies, Madness, Mental Illness,Michel Foucault, Paulo Coelho. [1]
      betrayal, revolution, postcolonial, independence, denounce. [1]
      Binary Opposition, Civilising Missions, Imperialism, Orientalist discourse, Other, Postcolonialism, Self [1]
      Blogs, Writing skill, students’ attitudes, Vygotsky’s theory, Collaborative learning theory. [1]
      Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, Creative Thinking Skill, English as a Foreign Language, Higher Order Thinking Skills, Lower Order Thinking Skills, New Prospects. [1]
      Boomerang Procedure EASA, Engage the EFL learners, Teachers' Techniques. [1]
      Brainstorming, Control group , Experimental group, Post-test, Pre-test, Quasiexperimental research, Writing skill. [1]
      British Tabloids, The Daily Mail, Representation, Stereotypes, Ideal Body Image, Violence against Women [1]
      Business English Teaching, needs analysis, course design, Dudley Evan and St Johns’(1998) theory, parameters. [1]
      Business, Names of brands, Names of companies, English, Linguistic Landscape, Algeria [1]
      Byram’s model of (ICC), Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Critical Cultural Awareness. [1]
      Captivity, Slavery, Otherness, Subversion, Culture, Religion, Identity. [1]
      Caricatures – Coronavirus – Multimodality – Roland Barthes’s Semiology – The Grammar of Visual Design. [1]
      Charlotte Brontë’s Villette, Taos Amrouche’s Jacinthe Noire, autobiography, autobiographical novel, identity [1]
      Chinua Achebe/ Joyce Cary- Subalternity- Africans serving the British Empire – Eurocentrism- black natives- Blackness/ white masters- No Longer at Ease – Mister Johnson [1]
      City Press, Orientalism, Print Media. The New York Times, The Guardian, The Mail&Guardian, Visual Grammar [1]
      Classroom Management, Classroom Management Techniques, Group Work Activities. [1]
      Classroom management, strategies, greeting, dismissing, ending up lessons, teachers. [1]