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      Facebook, coherence, coherence, learning, writing, pre-test, post-test, experimental group, control group [1]
      Fanon, Lady Gregory, nationalism, native intellectual, revival [1]
      Feedback, Oral feedback, Teachers, Learners, Private schools, Use, EFL Classes. [1]
      Female African literature/ patriarchy/ Immanence/ transcendence/ women/ men/independence [1]
      Female Role Stereotypes, Women in Traditional Roles, Women in Decorative Roles, Product Categories, Utilitarian Products, Hedonic Products, Feminine Touch, Licensed Withdrawal, the Smile [1]
      Formative Assessment, the literature module, third year EFL students, Heidi Andrade and Gregory J.Cizek’s framework, UMMTO. [1]
      Formative assessment, writing skill, FA strategies. [1]
      Formative Assessment, writing skill. Haines’ sandwich approach. Westwood’s techniques, secondary schools. [2]
      games, learners’ motivation, learners’ interaction and communication, learning through experience. [1]
      Gender Discrimination, African Cultures, Resistance, Education, Work, Liberation. [1]
      Gender, matrix of domination, outsider within, patriarchy, race, social class, systemic racism, white supremacy. [1]
      Gender, patriarchy, performativity, subversion. [1]
      gender, stereotypes, semiotic resources, advertisement, visual, discourse, ideology. [1]
      Genre analysis, Moves, Functional grammar, Cohesion, Coherence, Master dissertation [1]
      Genre, genre analysis, moves, move analysis, abstracts, introductions, conclusions, Master Dissertations. [1]
      Grammar, Form, Meaning, Use, Inductive approach, Deductive approach, New Prospects, Teachers and Learners. [1]
      Grammar, Grammar Dimensions, Testing, Context [1]
      Grammatical Errors, Error Analysis, Exam Compositions, Mixed Method. [1]
      Group Communication; Task-based Language Teaching; Teachers’ Attitude; Willis’ theory (1996). [1]
      higher-level students, enrichment activities, differentiated instruction [1]