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      games, learners’ motivation, learners’ interaction and communication, learning through experience. [1]
      gender, stereotypes, semiotic resources, advertisement, visual, discourse, ideology. [1]
      Genre analysis, Moves, Functional grammar, Cohesion, Coherence, Master dissertation [1]
      Genre, genre analysis, moves, move analysis, abstracts, introductions, conclusions, Master Dissertations. [1]
      Grammar, Form, Meaning, Use, Inductive approach, Deductive approach, New Prospects, Teachers and Learners. [1]
      Grammar, Grammar Dimensions, Testing, Context [1]
      Grammatical Errors, Error Analysis, Exam Compositions, Mixed Method. [1]
      higher-level students, enrichment activities, differentiated instruction [1]
      Ibn Tufayl, Daniel Defoe, Journey, Spiritual Quest, Influence [1]
      Ideology, Identity Crisis ,Violence, Discrimination,. L.Althusser,F.Fanon [1]
      Inductive Approach, Writing Skill, Decco’s Modalities. [1]
      Inductive Method,Attitudes,Socio Constructivism, Cognition, Feedback. [1]
      Instructional Objectives, Instruction, the Teaching-Learning process, At the Crossroads, Time Flexible Principle, Achievability Principle, learners, teachers, Mastery Learning. [1]
      Intellectual skills, Significant Learning Experience, Fink’s Taxonomy, English File Upper-intermediate Students’ Book. [1]
      international day (8th of March), El Khabar, El Watan, The New York Times, The Guardian, Visual Grammar, Critical Discourse Analysis, the Socio-semantic Inventory. [1]
      Language Functions, Teachers’ Implementations, Students’ Awareness, Language Awareness, EFL Context. [1]
      Language learning strategies, Socio-cultural influence, Strategy frequency, Case study. [1]
      Language, Communication, Computer mediated communication, Social networking sites, Facebook, Multimodality, Emoticons. Social Media Platform. [1]
      Learner autonomy, Lesson plan, EFL context. [1]
      Learner’s autonomy, Project Work, English language learners [1]