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      Marry Wollstonecraft, Huda Shaarawi, Western women, Muslim Women, Public and Private Spheres, Education, politics. [1]
      Master Dissertations, bibliographies, references, referencing systems, The Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago author-date. [1]
      Master Dissertations, Metaphor Production, Conceptual Metaphors, Metaphorical Linguistic Expressions, MIP Method, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative .Analysis. [1]
      Mastery, Mastery Learning (ML), Instructional Objectives (IOs), Formative Assessment (FA), Descriptive Feedback (DF), Enrichment Activities (EAs). [1]
      meaningful learning strategies, writing, writing skill, learning, conditions of learning, teachers, students. [1]
      Mother tongue interference [1]
      Motherhood, Motherism, African female writers, patriarchy, colonisation, polygamy. [1]
      Motivation, L2 Motivation, Motivational Strategies, Qualitative Content Analysis, Demotivation [1]
      Motivation, Linguistic Landscape, Public Sphere, Business Sphere, Linguistic Situation. [1]
      motivation, motivational strategies, Cheng and Dörnyeis’ motivational strategies (2007), opinions, EFL teachers, mixed method. [1]
      motivation, speaking skill. English as foreign language. [1]
      Mouloud Mammeri, Le sommeil du juste, Heinrich Böll, The Clown, Louis Althusser, Ideology, state apparatus, alienation, legitimization of war. [1]
      Multimedia, Motivation, Teaching, Learning, EFL Learners. [1]
      Multimodal analysis, kineikonic mode, metamodal approach,, film studies, audio-visual translation [1]
      neo-colonialism-corruption-novel-film-commitment-native bourgeoisie-native resistance-reverse racism [1]
      neo-colonialism-corruption-novel-film-commitment-native bourgeoisie-native resistance-reverse racism. [1]
      New Historicism, Michel Foucault, Literary Archeology, Dominant Discourse, Traditional Historiography, Counter-History, Ayi Kwei Armah, Toni Morrison, African Literature, American Literature, African Oral Tradition. [1]
      Oral corrective feedback, speaking skill, oral feedback types, repetition, recast, metalinguistic request, elicitation. [1]
      Oral Presentations, Multimodality, Mode, Semiotic Resource, Communication skills, Collaboration skills, Experience Based Learning [1]
      ORIFLAME catalogs, Advertisements, Women Images, Visual Grammar, Metafunctions, Interviews, Content Analysis. [1]