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      Oral corrective feedback, speaking skill, oral feedback types, repetition, recast, metalinguistic request, elicitation. [1]
      Oral Presentations, Multimodality, Mode, Semiotic Resource, Communication skills, Collaboration skills, Experience Based Learning [1]
      ORIFLAME catalogs, Advertisements, Women Images, Visual Grammar, Metafunctions, Interviews, Content Analysis. [1]
      parents’ involvement, parents’ attitudes, parents’ language attitudes, parents’ attitudes towards language learning [1]
      Patriarchy, Gender Consciousness, Violence, Victimization, Resistance. [1]
      Patriarchy, Gender Discrimination, Igbo Culture, Education, Womanism, Nigeria. Resistance. [1]
      Performance, self-confidence, speaking skill, self-efficacy, social cognitive theory of self-efficacy [1]
      Politeness, gender, self-confidence; politeness strategies, male and female students… [1]
      politeness, politeness strategies, teachers’ discourse, teacher-students interaction, positive politeness, negative politeness, off record strategies, bald on record strategies. [1]
      Post colonialism, culture, identity, colonizer, Frantz Fanon, Homi Bhabha, Exile [1]
      Postcolonial, Race, Orientalism, Gender, Nationalism, Imperialism. [1]
      postcolonialism, identity, representation, double oppression, alienation [1]
      Power, Ideology, Teachers’ Classroom Discourse, Critical Discourse Analysis, Textual Analysis. [1]
      Presseisen’ Taxonomy, Thinking skills, essential thinking skills, At the Crossroads, Check your Progress. [1]
      public, private, space, gender, patriarchal, society, resistance. [1]
      Public/Private Spaces, First Ladies, Autobiography, Power, Motherhood. [1]
      Reading Strategies, Reading Activities, Developing Reading Skills [1]
      Reading, Reading Comprehension, Cooperation, learning methods. [1]
      Reading, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Learning, Schema Theory, First Year English Language Teachers and Pupils [1]
      Reading, Reading Strategies, Literary Texts, SQ3R [1]