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      e-Learning, e-Forum, Interactivity [1]
      education, feminism, patriarchy, virginity, women. [1]
      Educational Cartoons, Vocabulary, Cognitive Multimedia Learning Theory [1]
      Effects, EFL , Multilingualism, Theory of Affordances [1]
      EFL Online Course, Verbal and Non-Verbal resources, Semiotic Resources, Modes, Multimodality, Discourse Analysis, Multimodal Discourse Analysis [1]
      EFL Textbook, , Images, Vocabulary, Multimodality. [1]
      EFL, teachers’ kinesics, learners’ motivation, language teaching. [1]
      Electronic learning, Motivation, Attitudes, Technology Acceptance Model, Selfdetermination Theory. [1]
      English as a foreign language; Speaking; communication strategies; language proficiency. [1]
      English expansion, Globalization, Shop/ building names, Linguistic Landscape, Language Choice. [1]
      English songs, listening, acquisition, comprehensible input, affective factors. [1]
      Error Analysis Approach , collocational knowledge , lexical collocational errors [1]
      Error analysis, error comparison, interlanguage, fossilization. [1]
      ESP, difficulties, comprehending texts, strategies. [1]
      ESP, English for Science and Technology, Computer Science, vocational training. [1]
      ESP, ESBP, Communication, Effective Communication, Business Communication, Organizational Communication, Employee Engagement. [1]
      Facebook, coherence, coherence, learning, writing, pre-test, post-test, experimental group, control group [1]
      Fanon, Lady Gregory, nationalism, native intellectual, revival [1]
      Feedback, Oral feedback, Teachers, Learners, Private schools, Use, EFL Classes. [1]
      Female African literature/ patriarchy/ Immanence/ transcendence/ women/ men/independence [1]