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      Secret societies, Freemasonry, Illuminati, Signs, Hollywood, Film Industry, Culture Industry, Consumerism, Manipulation, Puppets, Mind Control Brainwashing, the New World Order. iii [1]
      Self, Other, Stereotypes, Oriental Women, and Double Oppression. [1]
      Self-Efficacy , Knowledge Assimilation , language production ,Input, output [1]
      Self-regulated learning, performance, outcomes, third year students, instructors. [1]
      Semiotics, Advertising, Iconic Sign, Plastic Sign, Linguistic Sign. [1]
      Semiotics, Billie Holiday, Hnifa, Song Lyrics, Culture, Society [1]
      Social media, Instagram, Ideal Body Image, Beauty Myth, Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, Negative and Positive Representation, Influence and Effects. [1]
      Social Media, Social Networking Sites, Technology Acceptance Model, Teachers’ Students’ Attitudes, Speaking Skill. [1]
      social protest, historicism, empathy, Marxism, Capitalism, ideology, historicization, naturalization, oracular history, Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and Apartheid. [1]
      social semiotics, multimodality, advertising, condor advertisements, systemic functional linguistic, visual grammar. [1]
      Speaking exams, reliability, Communicative Language Ability, real-life situations, communicative competence [1]
      Speaking Skill, Vygotsky’s Theory: Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), Scaffolding, Walqui’s Scaffolding Strategies (2006). [1]
      Stereotypical representation, Otherness, Exoticism, Religion,Identity. [1]
      Storytelling, Listening skill, comprehension [1]
      Teachers’ Guidance. Speaking Difficulties. Classroom Interaction. Teachers’ Oral Corrective Feedback. [1]
      Teachers’ questions, critical thinking, type of questions, Bloom’s Taxonomy, high order thinking skills, low order thinking skills. [1]
      The Awakening , The Joys of Motherhood , Motherhood ,woman's oppression, patriarchy,nineteenth century,twentieth century. [1]
      The Awakening, Sula, male domination, patriarchal community, oppression, motherhood, freedom, death. [1]
      The Caretaker, Forms of Deception, Discourse Analysis, Grice’s Conversational maxims, Implicature [1]
      The Frontier, Transcendentalism, Self-Reliance, Antihero. [1]