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      absurd, meaninglessness, purposelessness, alienation, rebellion, freedom. [1]
      Academic motivation, motivational techniques, self-determination theory [1]
      Academic success,Feedback,Goal setting,Modelling,Self-efficacy [1]
      Academic writing, Algerian Scientific Research Articles, Metadiscourse, Interactional Metadiscourse Markers, Results and Discussion sections [1]
      Academic writing, Informal writing, Error Analysis, Social Networking Sites. [1]
      ACTFL, Business English, Communication Modes. Presentational Communication, Process approach. [1]
      Adaptation, novel, temporality of the story, the loss of textual means, characters and themes. [1]
      Advertisements, Billboards, Gender roles, Social Semiotics [1]
      Advertisements, Brochure, Multimodal Approach, Social Semiotics, Grammar of Visual Design Grammar, Mobilis, Ooredoo, Companies, Networks. [1]
      Advertisements, Social Semiotics, Grammar of Visual Design, Renault, Algerian Context. [1]
      Advertising, advertisements, image, metafunctin, represented participants. [1]
      Advertising, Dzeriet magazine, Dziri magazine, visual social semiotics, stereotypes, and gender [1]
      Aestheticism, Socialism, Democratic, socialism, Totalitarianism, Ideology, Utopia and Dystopia, Para-Marxism, Zhdanovism [1]
      affinities [1]
      Afghan women, Taliban, institutionalized oppression, misinterpretation, Islam, struggle, U.S. intervention, liberation/saving. [1]
      African Black women, racism, classism, gender inequality, womanism, Africana womanism, motherhood, family centerdness, identity, resistance. [1]
      African, African American, Patriarchy, Resistance, Gender. [1]
      Algerian and British staff, Business Communication, Communication barriers, Effective communication, Sonatrach BP Equinor Association [1]
      Algerian Harragas, Critical Discourse Analysis, Socio-semantic Inventory, Visual Grammar. [1]
      Algerian Hirak Movement, Critical Theory of Intertextuality, Metaphorical Associations, Social Semiotic Multimodal Theory [1]