Mouloud Mammeri University, Tizi-Ouzou

Analytical Biochemistry & Biotechnology Laboratory (LABAB)

Our teams

Team 1: Nutritional and functional biochemistry
Team Leader: MATI Abderrahmane
Keywords: Milk, dromedary, proteins, isolation, purification, hydrolysis, biological activity, coa-gulation, technological processing
Description of the team's research theme
In many cases, established knowledge of cow's milk has proved inadequate to account for the nature and evolution of milks from related species (ewe, goat, camel, buffalo, etc.). In fact, these milks have their own particularities, prompting researchers to make readjustments in order to carry out techno-gical transformations of the original milk.
Thus, despite its high nutritional value, camel milk has limited suitability for by-products. This specifically local product, with its many claims, is destined to develop and come up against technical processes aimed at diversifying its use. In this context, we are studying the
protein fraction of this milk, which presents a number of particularities likely to shed light on the structure/properties/function relationship between the various protein entities.
By means of appropriate separations and purifications, we aim to highlight structural and/or functional features that have an impact on certain biological activities tested either as proteins, or as peptide fragments derived from their enzymatic hydrolysis.
Full list of permanent team members
First & last nameLast diplomaGradeSpecialityReporting structure
MATI AbderrahmaneState Doc.PrAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
HAROUN Boudjenah SalihaPhDMCAAgronomy and BiologyU. Ouargla
SI AHMED ZENNIA SalihaPhDMAAAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
SENOUSSI Ghozali ChahraMagisterMAAAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
ALMI Sebane DalilaMagisterMAAAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou

Team 2: Bioactive substances and biotechnological applications
Key words: Valorization of olive by-products/ Polysaccharides/ Polyphenols/ Biolo-gic activities/ Bioconversion/ Antimicrobial activity/ Prebiotics/ / Antioxidant activity.
Description of the team's research theme

Since the creation of the LABAB laboratory in 2000, the valorization of olive by-products has been our main preoccupation. This is due to the size of Algeria's olive-growing area in general, and the Tizi-Ouzou region in particular, and consequently the size of the olive-growing industrial fabric. Olive pomace and pomace stones are the main by-products of oil extraction. These by-products, when discharged without precaution, pose serious pollution problems. Given these observations, our research aims to add value to these products, especially as their composition contains molecules that are worth exploiting. Among these molecules, we are interested in developing extraction methods for polyphenols and polysaccharides, characterizing them and demonstrating their biological activities, including antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-tumor activities, for potential applications in the agri-food and health sectors. To achieve this, we also set out to implement the following avenues

biotechnological valorization by selecting yeast and mold strains capable of developing efficiently by degrading harmful substrates to limit their polluting effects, while generating new products of interest such as the production of enzymes, volatile fatty acids, bio-hydrogen, etc.
Full list of permanent members
First & last nameLast diplomaGradeSpecialityReporting structure
DERMECHE SamiaMagisterMAAImmunology and MicrobiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
BEDOUHENE-FENANE SamiaMagisterMAABiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
U. Tizi Ouzou
SENANI-OULARBI NassimaMagisterMAAAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
MESSAOUDI-MOHAMDI DjamilaMagisterMAAAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou

Team 3: Microbiology-biomolecules
Team Leader: Pr HOUALI Karim
Keywords :Biomolecules, secondary metabolites, Anti-microbial activity, antioxidants
Description of the team's research theme

The research theme is microbiology and biochemistry, and our interest lies in the search for new molecules extracted from medicinal plants from different regions of Algeria. Firstly, surveys will be carried out to identify candidate plants for our project, and several types of extraction will be carried out, varying the solvents used, as well as hydrodistillation. The extracted molecules will then be tested for their antibacterial and anti-fungal activity. In a second stage, we will test our samples against certain insect pests, and investigate the possibility of using them as bio-herbicides. For the most interesting extracts, a preparative HPLC analysis will be carried out and we will attempt to separate the molecules and see which one(s) induce(s) the activities observed.

Full list of permanent team members
First & last nameLast diplomaGradeSpecialityReporting structure
HOUALI KarimPhDPrImmunology and MicrobiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
MOUALEK IdirMagisterMABImmunology and MicrobiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
TITOUCHE YacineMagisterMABAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
CHIBAH AMARMagisterMABAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
BARIZ KARIMMagisterMAAAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
SEBANE HilalMagisterMAAAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou

Team 4: Animal nutrition and products

Team Leader: kADI Si-Ammar

Description of the team's research theme

The team's research theme focuses on the nutrition and feeding of broiler rabbits under Algerian production conditions. To this end, we have carried out trials using feed sources available in Algeria, i.e. vegetable sources (Sulla and Protein crops) and by-products from the agri-food industry (milling waste and brewer's grains). The aim of our investigations is to achieve food autonomy for rational rabbit breeding in Algeria. Our research work benefits from the scientific and technical support of our collaborators in France, the INRA research team in Toulouse (CMEP agreements). In addition, all our trials form the basis of work for doctoral theses: 07 doctoral theses have been prepared: 03 have been defended and four others are in progress. In addition, the orientation of our research towards "training research" has an impact on the socio-economic sector. The main players in the rabbit farming industry (national and regional) are in close contact with the laboratory's research team: advice on breeding, advice on the formulation of industrial feeds, advice on the development of rational breeding, publication of research results.

Full list of permanent team members
First & last nameLast diplomaGradeSpecialityReporting structure
BERCHICHE MokranePhDPrAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
KADI Si AmmarPhDMCAAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
CHERFAOUI DjamilaMagisterMAAAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
LOUNAOUCI GhaniaMagisterMAA, DocAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
HANNACHI RabiaMagisterMAA, Doc.Agronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou
GUERMAH HocineMagisterMABAgronomy and BiologyU. M'sila
DJELLAL FaridMagisterMAAAgronomy and BiologyU. Sétif-1
MOUHOUS AzzedineMagisterMAAAgronomy and BiologyU. Tizi Ouzou

Team 5: Livestock development and product quality

Team leader: MOUHOUS Azzedine

Key words :