Functioning and organization of the university

Functioning and organization of the university

The University of Tizi-Ouzou is composed of a rectorate, decision-making and educational bodies, faculties and departments. It includes common administrative and technical services.

The rectorate under the authority of the rector of the university includes:

  •  Vice-rectors under the responsibility of vice-rectors.
  •  A general secretariat of the university responsible for the operation and the administrative and financial management of the structures placed under its authority.
  • A central library of the university under the responsibility of a director in charge of the operation and management of structures.

The decision-making bodies:

    The board of directors studies and proposes any measure likely to improve the functioning of the university and to favor the achievement of its objectives.
    The scientific council proposes the orientations of the research and scientific and technical documentation policies of the university and gives its opinion on any other pedagogical and scientific question submitted to it by its president.

The educational bodies:

  •   Disciplinary Board
  •  Training team
  • Pedagogical Committee by subject
  • Educational team