General Secretary

General Secretary

Under the authority of the Rector, the Secretary General is responsible for the administrative management of the university, and ensures compliance with the administrative rules.

    • It ensures the management of the careers of the personnel in the respect of the attributions of the faculties.
    • He prepares the budget project of the university and monitors its implementation.
    • It monitors the funding of research laboratory activities.
    • He ensures the smooth functioning of the common services of the university:
    • Intensive Language Teaching Center (C.E.I.L).
    • The print and audio-visual center.
    • The center of information and communication systems and networks, distance learning and distance education.
    • The technology hall.
    • It implements the university’s cultural and sports programs and promotes them.
    • It monitors and coordinates internal security plans.
    • It manages and preserves the archives and documentation of the rectorate.
    • He is in charge of the operation and management of the university’s law school.

The General Secretariat also includes:

The Personnel and Training Branch is responsible for

  • Manage the career of the staff of the rectorate and common services and those whose appointment is the rector of the university.
  • Develop and implement training, development and retraining plans for administrative, technical and service personnel.
  • Ensure the management of the staff of the university staff and their harmonious distribution among the faculties.
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of the university’s human resource management plans.
    The staff and training sub-directorates include
    The service of teaching staff.
    The service of administrative, technical, and service personnel.
    The service of training and development

The Sub-Department of Means and Maintenance is responsible for:

  • Ensure the endowment of the operating structures of the rectorate and common services.
  • Ensure the maintenance and maintenance of the property, furniture and buildings of the rectorate and common services.
  • Keep inventory records.
  • Ensure the preservation and maintenance of the university archives.
  • Ensure the management of the car park of the rectorate

The Sub-Directorate of Scientific, Cultural and Sports Activities is responsible for:

  • Promote and develop scientific and cultural activities within the university.
  • Implement leisure activities.
  • Support sports activities in the context of university sport.
  • Conduct social action activities for the benefit of university staff