The common services

The common services of Mouloud MAMMERI University of Tizi Ouzou is composed of the following services:

-Center of systems and networks

Created following the interministerial decree of August 24, 2004, fixing the new administrative organization of the university and its common services, it is in charge of the management of all the computing resources of the university as well as the continuity assurance. IT services and their maintenance, such as the educational service, the availability of the connection to intranet and internet networks and the operation of the various services offered, and finally the maintenance of the computer park of the university.
Each department, each research laboratory and each administrative department of the rectorate and the faculties were provided with the Internet tool
which is done from the central node domiciled in the service of networks, via a 100 Mbps dedicated link on a single-mode optical fiber support connected to the provideur CERIST to integrate the academic network ARN (Academic Research Network).

The Audiovisual Service

The CIAV Printing and Audiovisual Center is a joint service of the University. It consists of two sections:
– The Print Service.
– The Audiovisual Service.

The Printing Department is one of the two sections of the CIAV. It ensures the design and printing of educational and didactic documents and scientific publications (Posters, leaflets, invitations, certificates, business cards … etc) relating to scientific and cultural events of the University.

The role of the Audiovisual Service is to provide technical support for the recording of pedagogical and didactic material on any audiovisual medium. an audio-visual recording of the University’s scientific and cultural events and produce an archive to make it accessible to all at the university website