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MOAD’2024  : International Colloquium on Methods and Tools for Decision Support

June 4 th-6nd, 2024, Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria

MOAD’2024 : International Colloquium on Methods and Tools for Decision Support
June 4 th-6nd, 2024, Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria

The Department of Mathematics announces the organization of the sixth International Colloquium on Methods and Tools for Decision Support (MOAD’24) on June 04-06, 2024 in Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria. The event is organized by the Faculty of Sciences of Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Pure & Applied Mathematics and the Laboratory of Operational Research and Mathematics of Decision, under the sponsorship of the SMA : Mathematical Society of Algeria.

Conference Aims

This scientific event aims to provide researchers with a space for dialogue and exchange. It allows participants to discuss advanced mathematical methods for solving complex decision-making problems in fields such as engineering, finance, biology, logistics, production, resource management, strategic planning, risk management, medicine, among others. It aims to create the right interface for the exchange and diffusion of new ideas and techniques among young researchers, but also to develop these at the heart of digital intelligence by developing software tools to guide decision-making. The program includes plenary lectures as well as paper presentations on various technical aspects of the different research areas. This mathematical conference promotes interdisciplinary between mathematics and decision sciences to offer innovative and effective solutions to complex decision-making problems. In short, mathematics crosses borders as no other discipline is able to do.
This conference will be an opportunity to bring together experts, researchers and professionals, driven by the desire to share their knowledge and experiences in informed decision-making.

Conference History
Methods and Tools for Decision Support (MOAD) series of conferences has a long history. MOAD conference inception was the result of the passion and commitment of a group of researchers eager to put high-performance application tools at the service of the national economy.
The first edition, MOAD’1992, was open to economic operators and was organized by the University of Bejaia, Algeria. Its scientific and application outputs were published by Bejaia university and worldwide disseminated via the report published by the journal MATAPLI of the SMAI (French Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics), n° 35, 1993, pp. 71 – 72]. The next two editions are MOD’2000, organized by the university of Sidi Bel Abbès, Algeria, and MOAD’2004, organized by Saïda University, Algeria. The organization of the last two editions, MOAD 2007 and MOAD 2022, was back to Béjaïa University. According to the organizers, this is due to the need to evaluate the progress and body of knowledge presented in the previous editions and to draw new perspectives and orientations for the conference considering the economic changes, new developments in technology and mathematical methods for decision-making at local and global levels.

Conference Topics

The conference focuses on the following themes:

  • Optimization (combinatorial, multi-criteria, continuous, dynamic, stochastic …); Game Theory;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Statistics; Probabilities and stochastic processes;
  • Control and Dynamical systems;
  • Graph Theory; Discrete mathematics, Numbers theory and Combinatorics;
  • Numerical analysis and Partial differential equations;
  • Mathematical modeling and simulation;
  • Applications to engineering sciences.

View of the Djurdjura massif and Tizi-Ouzou from the heights of the city

Conference Organizers and Boards

Honorary Chairs:
Rector of the University of Tizi-Ouzou, Pr. Ahmed BOUDA
Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Abdelghani HAMAZ, UMMTO

General Chair 
Dr. Abdelghani HAMAZ, UMMTO
President of the Organizing Committee
Vice-president of the Organizing Committee
Chair of the Scientific Committee
Prof. Brahim OUKACHA, Director of the Laboratory of Operational Research and Mathematics of Decision, UMMTO
Dr. Mouloud GOUBI, Director of the Laboratory of Pure & Applied Mathematics, UMMTO
Honorary Members:
Prof. Djamil AISSANI, Founder of the MOAD Conference, Bejaia University, Algeria
Prof. Hacène BELBACHIR, USTHB,  Algeria
Prof. Moussa LARBANI,  ENSSEA, Pôle Universitaire de Koléa, Algeria
Prof. Po-Lung YU,  School of Business, University of Kansas, USA
Prof. Biagio RICCERI, University of Catania, ITALY

 Pr. Meziane AIDER (USTHB):  President of the SMA : Mathematical Society of Algeria

Important Deadlines

January 02nd, 2024 Opening of registrations

March 10th, 2024 Deadline of reception of full papers

May 10th, 2024 Notifications to authors

May 25th, 2024 Final program

June 04-06, 2024 Conference dates

Scientific Committee


Abdeljawd Thabet ; Univ. Prince Sultan ; Saudi Arabia
Abdellaoui Boumediene ; Univ. Tlemcen ; Algeria
Aibeche Aissa ; Setif university ; Algeria
Aidene Mohamed ; UMMTO ; Algeria
Aider Meziane ; USTHB; Algeria
Aissani Djamil ; Univ. Bejaia ; Algeria
Aknouche Abdelhakim ; Univ. of Qassim ; Saudi Arabia
Amara Mohamed ; UPPA ; France
Amirat Youcef ; Univ. Clermont Ferrand ; France
Ammari Kaïs ; Univ. of Monastir ; Tunisia
Askoura Youcef ; Univ. Paris 2, LEMMA ; France
Azzam-Laouir Dalila ; Univ. Jijel ; Algeria
Baiou Mourad ; Univ. Clermont Auvergne ; France
Belbachir Hacène ; USTHB ; Algeria

Benhamou Belaid ; Univ. Aix-Marseille ; France
Bettayeb Maamar ; Univ. Sharjah; UAE
Bibi Abdelouahab ; Univ. Oum El Bouaghi ; Algeria
Bibi Mohand Ouamar ; Univ. Bejaia ; Algeria
Boualem Mohamed ; Univ. Bejaia ; Algeria
Bouroubi Sadek ; USTHB ; Algeria
Boussaada Islam ; IPSA & Univ. Paris Saclay ; France
Busvelle Eric ; Univ. Toulon ; France
Chitour Yacine ; Univ. Paris-Saclay ; France

De Baets Bernard ; Univ. Ghent, Belgium
Djehiche Boualem ; KTH, Stockholm ; Sweden
Djennoune Said ; UMMTO ; Algeria
Fellag Hocine ; UMMTO ; Algeria

Francq Christian ; Univ. of Lille ; France

Hamadene Said ; Univ. Le Mans ; France
Hamdache Kamel ; Pôle Léonard de Vinci; France

Ibazizen Mohamed ; Univ. Poitiers ; France
Labadie Nacima ; UTT Troyes ; France
Laleg Kirati Taous-Meriem ; KAUST ; Saudi Arabia
Larbani Moussa ; ENS Koléa ; Algeria

Mahmood Tahir ; Univ. Iternational Islamic; Pakistan
Mansouri Rachid ; UMMTO ; Algeria
Messaoudi Salim ; Univ. Sharjah ; UAE
Mezerdi Brahim ;Univ. King Fahd ; Saudi Arabia
Mora-Camino Felix ; UFF Rio de Janeiro; Bresil
Naeem Jan ; National Univ. Transportation ; Korea
Nourine Lhouari ; Univ. Clermont-Auvergne ; France
Ould Abdelsalam Djaffar ; Univ. Haute Alsace ; France
Po Lung Yu ; School of Business, Univ. of Kansas ; USA
Radjef Mohamed Said ; University of Bejaia ; Algeria
Rahmani Leila ; UMMTO ; Algeria
Rak Ewa ; Univ. Rzeszów ; Poland
Rebaine Djamal ; Univ. Quebec Chicoutimi ; Canada
Ricceri Biagio ; Univ. Catania ; Italy
Ruggeri Fabrizio ; Univ. Milano ; Italy
Saad Yousef ; Univ. Minnesota; USA

Sadi Bachir ; UMMTO ;  Algeria
Salih Djilali, Univ. Chlef, Algeria
Salhi Yakoub ; CRIL, Univ. LENS ; France
Sbihi Mohammed ; ENAC, Toulouse ; France
Trélat Emmanuel ; Univ. Sorbonne ; France
Zhou Jun ; CAUC-Tianjin ; China
Zougab Nabil, Univ. Bejai ; Algeria
Zedam Lemnaouar; Univ. M’sila ; Algeria

Plenary Speakers

Pr. BAIOU Mourad, Univ. of Clermont Auvergne; France

Pr. BELBACHIR Hacène USTHB ; Algeria

Pr. BOUSSAADA Islam, IPSA & Paris-Saclay, France

Pr. CHITOUR Yacine Paris-Saclay, France

Pr. OULD ABDELSALAM Djaffar ; Univ. Haute Alsace ; France

Pr. MEZERDI Brahim, Univ. King Fahd ; Saudi Arabia

Pr. TRELAT Emmanuel, Univ.
Sorbonne ; France

Organizing Committee Members


Dr. Farida Achemine, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Dr. Ahmed Amirou, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Dr. Lynda Atil, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Dr. Mouloub Goubi, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Pr. Djamel Hammadouche, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Pr. Abdelkader Merakeb, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Pr. Mohand Ouanes, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Pr. Brahim Oukacha, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Pr. Fatima Rabia, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Pr. Bachir Sadi, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Dr. Mannal Smaali, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Noria Benkhamou, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Kahina Bedouhene, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Ali Belaid, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Fatima Hessas, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Dr. Youcef Ibaouene, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Dr. Hocine Kourat, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Dr. Fetima Ladjimi, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Dr. Hanifa Mokhtari, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Fariza Rezki, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Dr. Djamal Talem, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Dr. Smail Yousfi, U. Tizi-Ouzou
Scientific Club “Mathematica” (Students), Univ. Tizi-Ouzou

Paper Submission

For electronic submission to moad24@ummto.dz, please use the LATEX or pdf format according to MOAD’24 template. Any poster preference should be mentioned. All information can be downloaded from : www.ummto/fs/.

Language: English

Registrations Fees

• Student Registration 5000 DA
• Teacher Researchers 10000 DA
• Professional Researchers 15000 DA
• Researchers from Foreign Universities 150 Euros

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Tel : +213 (0)26 18 61 64
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