Quatrième Webinar du groupe Healthcare Systems de la fédéation AFROS

4 Déc 2022 | Actualité

The fourth edition of the Healthcare systems Seminars:

Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Time: 4 pm Tunis Time (3 pm GMT)

Talk 1 in French entitled: Decision support tools for patients’ prioritization” by Pr. Angel Ruiz (University Laval, CIRRELT, Canada).

Talk 2 in French entitled: Analysis and Resource Allocation Approaches for Muti-Specialty Outpatient Clinics” by Dr. Najla Aissaoui (National Engineering School of Carthage, OASIS laboratory, Tunisia).

The two speakers have a respectful field experience to share with us and collaborations will surely be built. The details on these outstanding speakers are below. The talks will be followed by a debate and Q&A session.

The seminar is free but registration is mandatory via the google form: https://forms.gle/N47yRhiLVVnLTwA48

The zoom link will be sent by email after the registration.

 An Attendance certificate could be delivered upon request at awg.healthcare.systems@gmail.com.

 FB link : https://fb.me/e/29en80zlh

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