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Thesis theme  Student Manager Speciality
Observer synthesis with unknown input for a class of nonlinear systemsAmiar Kamel and Nait Larbi Mohand LarbiFazia BedouheneRO
On asymptotically w-periodic S-functionsSLIMANI ZahiaMannal SMAALIAnalysis
On certain near-periodicity problemsYazid DAHMOUNMannal SMAALIAnalysis
Asymptotic study of a transmission problem dependent on a small parameterNabila BelkadiRAHMANI LeilaAnalysis


Thesis theme  Student Manager Speciality
Problems of breaks in time seriesAit youcef MalhaBELKACEM CHERIFAPS
Modeling and optimizing teletraffic in a telephone call centerOuhachi Dihya and Hassani KarimaDjamel HamadoucheRO
GARCH model inference: Consistency and asymptotic normalitySeddiki KeltoumAbdelghani HamazPS
Inference in Conditionally Heteroscedastic Autoregressive ModelsAbdelli LyndaAtil LyndaPS
Study of development indicators and classification of African countries: A statistical approachTibbani Sabrina & Bounsiar RachidAbdelghani HamazRO
Estimation of GPD parametersCherif LinaBerkoun YoucefPS
Geometric estimator of the extreme value index
Batatache BayaBoualam KarimaPS
Global convergence detection in geometric images and applications in medical imagingLASLOUDJI AnisMELLAH OmarAnalysis
Approximation of GARCH model estimators using the Bootstrap methodFadli OuerdiaAbdelghani HamazPS
Discriminant analysisTouat DyhiaMohamed MamouPS
Asymptotic analysis of a transmission problem dependent on a small parameterMetidji AbdelmalekRAHMANI LeilaAnalysis


Thesis theme  Student Manager Speciality
On Skorohod topologyNissa ARIBMannal SMAALIAnalysis
On estimating spatial autoregressive modelsMezala KatiaAbdelghani HamazAnalysis
Infinite ARCH representation of GARCH modelsAzrak ImaneAbdelghani HamazAnalysis
Singular disturbances and boundary problemsTaouci CyliaRAHMANI LeilaAnalysis
Optimization in telecommunication networks: the case of a telephone exchangeDjebid Ali and Oumohand AmerDjamel HamadoucheRO
Survival models. In collaboration with Tizi-Ouzou University Hospital.Harrouche, LyasmineHocine FellagPS
Monte Carlo methods, Bayesian application.Touam AbderrezakBELKACEM CHERIFAPS
Favard separation method for stochastic differential equationsBEN SLIMANE ThinhinaneMELLAH OmarAnalysis
Bootstrap techniques applied to unit root testsHaddadou KamiliaAtil LyndaPS
Estimated shortfallAidene ZahiaBerkoun YoucefPS
Asymptotic analysis of a boundary problem Abboud ZakiaRAHMANI LeilaAnalysis


Thesis theme  Student Manager Speciality
On some fixed point theoremsYakoubi, FaizaZidi YaminaAnalysis
On multivariate GARCH modelsMesloub AliAbdelghani HamazAnalysis
Pseudo-almost periodic and pseudo-almost automorphic solutions of evolution equations in a Hilbert spaceThiziri MOULLAMannal SMAALIAnalysis
Optimization in queuing systems: Case study: managing aircraft arrivals at Algiers airportBaahmed Ahmed and Bechar KarimDjamel HamadoucheRO
The almost periodic equi-asymptotic. Application to integral equationsSiham MOHAND SAIDIMannal SMAALIAnalysis
Inference of dual autoregressive modelsAmari KahinaAbdelghani HamazPS
Elements of Bayesian robustnessHamroun, KamiliaHocine FellagPS
Characterization of almost periodic C_0-semi-groups (groups)GHANDRICHE AhceneMELLAH OmarAnalysis
Bayesian approach to regression modelsBekda LiliaAtil LyndaPS
Asymptotic analysis of a boundary problem posed on a thin-film domain Saibi AmineRAHMANI LeilaAnalysis


Thesis theme  Student Manager Speciality
Some functional spaces for P.E.D.sCherfi, AmiroucheMorsli MohamedAnalysis
Queue modeling and simulation: A case study in supermarket checkout managementBoudane Massiva and Salmi NadiaDjamel HamadoucheRO
Pre-integrated GARCH modelsChalal AfafAbdelghani HamazPS
Stepanov's almost periodic oscillations and their discretizationsArezki HasniFazia BedouheneAnalysis
Asymptotic methods in electromagnetism Akeb TassaditRAHMANI LeilaAnalysis
Stepanov-pseudo almost periodic functions with weights and applications.Ibaghouchene AldjiaFazia BedouheneAnalysis
Langevin equation and Ornstein Uhlenbeck processAzouz MohamedBoudiba Mohand ArezkiPS


Thesis theme  Student Manager Speciality
Spectral theory of strongly continuous semi-groups of bounded linear operatorsBelhadj, SamirChallali NouredineAnalysis
Vector-valued almost periodic functionsSlimi, KarimaDaoui AminaAnalysis
On the reduction of a class of discrete-time nonlinear systems,Sadaoui HamzaFazia BedouheneAnalysis
Asymptotic methods for thin films: application to biological cellsMahdi BrahimRAHMANI LeilaAnalysis
State observers for nonlinear systems: the algebraic Riccati equation approachAmrane SouadFazia BedouheneAnalysis
Almost automorphic functions. Application to EDOs.Slimane HASSAINEMannal SMAALIAnalysis
Online estimation of GARCH modelsBenboubdella LydiaAbdelghani HamazAnalysis
Estimation of GARCH models: Non-stationary caseLanabi RachidaAbdelghani HamazAnalysis
Contribution to Monte Carlo-based oil well planning (in collaboration with Sonatrach).Tchatchi, Fatima & Nait Djoudi, Mohamed LamineHocine FellagPS


Thesis theme  Student Manager Speciality
On Markovian regime-switching modelsBensafi, Loudmilla & Khedim, SihemHocine FellagPS
Existence results for a nonlinear Khirchho-Carrier evolution problemIbaouene YoucefFazia BedouheneAnalysis
Almost periodicity of stochastic processesFarida MADJOURMannal SMAALIAnalysis
Prediction in time seriesHemsas OuahibaBerkoun YoucefPS
Continuous fractions, Markov chains and birth-and-death processesKHELLOUI MokraneHarmime DahbiaPS
 Study of the helmholtz equation and introduction to the inverse problemBouzekri AliMELLAH OmarAnalysis
Study of the helmholtz equation and introduction to the inverse problemBouzekri AliMELLAH OmarAnalysis
Approximate boundary conditions for a thin-film problemMokhtari HanifaRAHMANI LeilaAnalysis
Observer-based H1 control for a class of nonlinear systems with uncertain parametersSaidj LyndaFazia BedouheneAnalysis
Cointegration in time seriesRefsi malika & Touati SoniaAtil LyndaPS
Variational approximation and mixed formulations: Application to the Poisson equation and plate problemsGouadfel KarimRAHMANI LeilaAnalysis
Asymptotic analysis of a thin-film reinforcement problemBedouhene KahinaRAHMANI LeilaAnalysis


Thesis theme  Student Manager Speciality
On control variables in MCMC methods.Bersi HandHocine FellagPS
Bayesian hierarchical modelsAissoun, RozaHocine FellagPS
Distortion measurement and portfolio optimizationMihoubi WardaBerkoun YoucefPS
Bayesian variational methodsGraiche, Kahina Hocine FellagPS
The ergodic theorem and iterative Markov chainsHamroun, KahinaLadjimi Fetima & Zidi YaminaPS
Garch model study and applicationTahenni MonaBerkoun YoucefPS
Markov chains and Iteration of random functionsArezki OuerdiaBoudiba Mohand ArezkiPS
Bayesian approach to testing vector autoregressive models.
lla Amadou, Oumoul-HairHocine FellagPS


Thesis theme  Student Manager Speciality
Galton-Watson branching process and applicationsOuarrad Adélia and Gherrar NassimaDjamel HamadouchePS
Continuous fractions and dynamic systemsHadjem, AkilaBoudiba Mohand ArezkiPS
Floorel formula and markov chainsBoughrara, SabrinaBoudiba Mohand ArezkiPS
Estimation of a density function using the kernel method and application to VARFERHAT LamiaBerkoun YoucefPS
Contribution to hypothesis testing for the detection of epidemic outbreaksImeçaoudène KahinaDjamel HamadouchePS
Multivariate time series analysis and applications.Amadou Moussa, Mahaman Laouali Hocine FellagPS


Thesis theme  Student Manager Speciality
Statistical decision-making in a Bayesian contextLarbi Lydia sp. HebibHocine FellagPS
Risk measurement in financeMokrani FatihaBerkoun YoucefPS
Deterministic and stochastic study of the Black-Scholes model. Application to the study of a European option.Kheloufi HouriaFazia BedouheneRO