Mouloud Mammeri University, Tizi-Ouzou

Pure and Applied Mathematics Laboratory (LMPA)

LMPA Laboratory research themes

  1. Almost periodic functions and processes.
  2. Stochastic differential equations.
  3. Partial differential equations
  4. Geometry of Orlicz-type spaces.
  5. Robust statistical methods and time series
  6. Statistical and numerical techniques.
  7. Stochastic processes and process statistics.
  8. Data analysis.
  9. Controlling dynamic systems
  10. State observers for dynamic systems

PRFU research projects currently being implemented in the LMPA laboratory

Project title
Dynamical systems and random fields. Project code: C00L03UN150120220002
Statistical decision methods and outlier detection. Project code: C00L03UN150120220001
Mathematical modeling of the effect of thin layers in structural mechanics. Asymptotic analysis and approximate boundary conditions
Inference in linear processes with associated innovations and the ruin problem
Contribution to the study of dynamic systems. Project code: C00L03UN150120220003
Asymptotic Process Behavior and Reliability of Waiting Systems
Project manager
Dr. Hamaz Abdelghani
Prof. Fellag Hocine
Prof. Rahmani Leila
Prof. Berkoun Youcef
Prof. Fazia Bedouhene
Prof. Hamadouche Djamel
project members
Saidi Amel (doc.); Adil Ania (doc.)
Dr. Atil Lynda; Dr. Belkacem Cherifa; Harrouche Lyasmine (doc.); Haddadou Kamelia (doc.); Bersi Hand (doc.)
Mokhtari Hanifa (doc.); Madjour Farida (doc.); Menguelti Ali (doc.)
Bouziane Houria (doc.);Zemoul Sara-Imane (doc.)
Dr. Bouzekri Ali; Dr. Ibaouene Youcef; Zine Hassane (doc.); Azouz Mohamed (doc.); Benaoudia Djamila (doc.)
Moussouni Samia (doc.); Afroun Fairouz (doc.)
Project date and approval
2022-2025 Project submitted
2022-2025 Project submitted
2019-2022 Approved for 4 years
2019-2022 Approved for 4 years
2022-2025 Project submitted
2019-2022 Approved for 4 years
Previous CNEPRU research projects 

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