Mouloud Mammeri University, Tizi-Ouzou
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Introducing VRPGRS

Vice Rectorate for Postgraduate Training, University Accreditation, Scientific Research and Post-Graduate Training,

Is made up of the following departments:

01- Post-graduate training department: This department is responsible for

  • Follow-up of training offer files (accreditation and renewal) for magister and doctorate programs, before and after appraisal.
  • Follow-up of post-graduate entrance examinations.
  • Student enrolment and re-registration (centralized at the Vice Rectorate).
  • Diplomas (Magister, Doctorat Classique and Doctorat LMD).
  • Authenticity of diplomas and school certificates.
  • Drawing up various balance sheets.
  • Drawing up the different statistical frameworks required by the various authorities

02- University'habilitation universitaire : This department is responsible for

  • Follow-up and validation of application files on the PROGRES platform.
  • Notification of results to candidates immediately after promulgation of the results decree.

03- Department for monitoring research activities and promoting results: This department is responsible for

  • Monitoring the research activities of research units and laboratories and promoting their results.
  • Management of CNEPRU and PNR research projects and promotion of their results.
  • Drawing up research certificates and research authorizations.
  • Review of applications for promotion to research grade.
  • Follow-up of three-yearly balance sheets and budgets for research units and laboratories.
  • The collection and dissemination of information on the University's research activities.
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