Mouloud Mammeri University, Tizi-Ouzou

Below you will find contact details for the various departments at Mouloud Mammeri University.

DesignationPhone numberE-mail
Standard Hasnaoua 1026.11.56.51
Vice Rectorat


DesignationTel/Fax numberE-mail

Vice-Rectorate of Higher Education, First and Second Cycles, Continuing Education and Diplomas and Graduate Training


Assistant to the Vice-Rector 

Teaching, internships and assessment department

Diplomas and Equivalences Department  

Continuing Education Department

Vice rectorate in charge of external relations, cooperation, animation and communication and scientific

Vice-rectorate in charge of post-graduate training, university accreditation, scientific research and post-graduate training



Service du Suivi des Activités de Recherche et de la Valorisation De ses Résultats.

University Accreditation Department

Post-Graduate Training Department

Vice rectorate in charge of development, foresight and
Sub-Directorate/Central Services


Systems and Networks Center


E-learning section:

Systems section:
Social welfare026.18.62.26œ
Personnel and Training Department026.11.37.45
Sub-Directorate for Cultural, Scientific and Sporting Activities026.11.07.93
Resources and Maintenance Department026.11.55.20
Budget and Accounting Department026.11.37.45
Printing and audiovisual




Faculty of
Faculty of Biological and Agronomic
Faculty of Construction
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer
Faculty of Letters and
Faculty of Economics and Management
Faculty of
Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesSG:
Faculty of Law and Political ScienceSG: