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2022/2023 e-learning registration

18 Sep 2022 | Elearning, Students, New graduates

E-Learning 2022/2023 registration

2022/2023 first-year students (new baccalaureate holders) from the following departments:

  • Law Department
  • Political Science Department
  • Economics Economics
  • Business Sciences Department
  • Financial Sciences Department
  • IT Department 
  • Arabic Literature Department
  • French Department
  • English Department
  • Amazigh Department
  • Translation Department
  • Science and Technology (Bachelor's, Engineering)
  • Sciences de la matière
  • Department of Medicine
  • Pharmacy Department
  • Department of Dentistry
  • Biological Sciences Department 

are registered on the distance learning platform of the Université Mouloud Mammeri de Tizi-Ouzou.

To access it, students will need a username and password.

1- User name:

Each student has a username composed as follows: firstname.lastname

This user name must be entered in lower case and without accents.

In the case of a compound first and/or last name, a hyphen should be used instead of a space.

Example 1: A student named Said BOUAZIZ will have the username said.bouaziz

Example 2: A student called Mohand AIT KACI will have the username mohand.ait-kaci


2- Password:

To connect to the platform, in addition to a user name, students will need a password.

This password is made up of the BAC number and other characters.

The password is in the following form: ummTOmatricule*.

Example: A student with the following BAC number: 31008656 will have the following password: ummTO31008656*.

NB: Respect upper and lower case and don't forget the star (*) at the end.


The distance learning platform can be accessed at the following address:

We would also like to remind first-year 2022/2023 students that they also have professional e-mail accounts in the domain. These accounts are mandatory for all communication with UMMTO. No message from a personal address will be considered. For more information, visit this page Professional messaging