Mouloud Mammeri University, Tizi-Ouzou

Notice of consultation N° 01/BU/SG/UMMTO/2023

May 18, 2023 | AO Library, Tenders

The University Library of the University Mouloud MAMMERI Tizi-Ouzou is launching a call for tenders for " Scientific subscriptions: Documentary platform", as part of the 2023 operating budget. Chapter 21-14, Article 03.

The specifications are structured as a single lot as follows:

Lot: Documentary platform is structured into five (05) items as follows:

  • Electronic resources: scientific databases for various specialties;
  • Downloadable e-books: including various specialties ;
  • Open archives: Algerian and foreign digital repositories ;
  • Library catalog ;
  • Document sharing (deposit and consultation).

 The present consultation will be publicly posted and published on the Université Mouloud MAMMERI Tizi-Ouzou website:

          Qualified bidders are invited to collect the specifications from the University Library Secretariat (1st floor) of the Université Mouloud MAMMERI Tizi-Ouzou HASNAOUA II (BASTOS).

      Tenders accompanied by the required documents must be submitted in a sealed, anonymous envelope in the form of three separate envelopes:

  • Application file, including :
  • Declaration of candidacy attached duly completed, signed, sealed and dated ;
  • Attached declaration of probity duly completed, signed, sealed and dated;
  • Company status ;
  • Documents relating to the authority to bind the company;
  • Trade register ;
  • Company's professional references (certificate of qualification, approval, etc.) ;
  • Attestation of exclusivity or attestation of monopoly ;
  • Copy of audited or scheduled statement of account dated less than one month before the date of submission;
  • Copy of criminal record less than three months old at the time of submission.

  • A technical offer, including :
  • Attached declaration duly completed, signed, sealed and dated;
  • Specifications duly completed, initialled, signed, dated and marked " Read and accepted".

  • A financial offer, including :
  • Tender letter (completed, signed, sealed and dated).
  • The unit price schedule (completed, signed, sealed and dated).
  • Quantities and estimates (completed, signed, sealed and dated).

Tenderers shall submit their bids in a sealed main envelope marked To be opened only by the bid opening and evaluation committee and addressed to :

Rector of the University Mouloud MAMMERI Tizi-Ouzou,

Consultation N° 01/BU/SG/UMMTO/2023

SUBJECT: "Scientific subscriptions: documentary platform" for the Mouloud MAMMERI Tizi-Ouzou University Library.

       This main envelope will contain three sealed envelopes:

  1. An envelope containing all the application documents, marked "DOSSIER DE CANDIDATURE".
  2. One containing all the technical bid documents, marked


  1. The other containing all the financial offer documents, marked


Each sealed envelope must be identified as such.

  The tender preparation period is set at Eight (08) days from the date of first publication of the consultation notice on the university website: (18/05/2023).

                 The closing date and time for the submission of tenders will be 10.00 a.m. on the last day of the tender preparation period (25/05/2023) . If the last day falls on a public holiday or legal rest day, the submission of tenders will be extended to the next working day.

  Tenders must be submitted to the secretariat of the university library of the Université Mouloud MAMMERI de Tizi-Ouzou at HASNAOUA II (BASTOS).

  The bids will be opened on the last day coinciding with the deadline for submission of bids at 11.30 a.m.

 Bidders are invited to attend, in accordance with Article 70 of Presidential Decree No. 15-247 of September 16, 2015 regulating public procurement and public service delegations.

  The bid validity period is equal to the bid preparation period plus 03 months from the bid opening date (100 days).

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