Mouloud Mammeri University, Tizi-Ouzou

Pure and Applied Mathematics Laboratory (LMPA)

Framed Magister

Thesis theme  Student Manager 
Probabilistic study of stochastic recurrence equationsDemmouche Nacer (USTHB)Berkoun Youcef


Thesis theme  Student Manager 
Uncertainty models applied to the problem of water management.BELKACEM, NadiaFELLAG Hocine
Bayesian game theoryBOUIBED, KarimaKACHER Fatiha


Thesis theme  Student Manager 
Contribution to the study of the stochastic integral and Brownian motion.Ladjimi FetimaBoudiba Mohand Arezki
Markov chains and applications to chemical reaction kinetics.BESSAD BayaBoudiba Mohand Arezki
Calculate and estimate a probability of ruin.BOUZIANE, HouriaBerkoun Youcef
Estimation of Extreme Quantiles and VaR.TEMAME, NaimaBerkoun Youcef
Copula-based dependency modeling and application.LOUNAS, FadhilaBerkoun Youcef
Stability of autoregressive models with random coefficients.OUNOUH, RachidaFELLAG Hocine
Aspects of Bayesian robustness in AR(1) models.GHOUIL, DjeweydaFELLAG Hocine
Contribution to the study of autoregressive models with periodic and almost periodic coefficients.LARBI, AhmedBEDOUHENE Fazia
Stabilization and state estimation of nonlinear dynamic systems and application.BENNANI, CherifaBEDOUHENE Fazia


Thesis theme  Student Manager 
Study and comparison of estimators of the extreme value index .Lani AbdenourBerkoun Youcef
Qualitative and comparative study of different classes of near-periodic functionsChallali NouredineMorsli Mohamed


Thesis theme  Student Manager 
Modular approach to the study of Orlicz-type spacesBenaoudia DjamilaBedouhene Fazia


Thesis theme  Student Manager 
Interpolation and inequalities for norms in Orlicz-type spacesDaoui AminaMorsli Mohammed
Hölderian functional central limit theorem for random elements of a Banach spaceMoussouni SamiaHamadouche Djamel


Thesis theme  Student Manager 
Markov chains and applicationsLarabi GhenimaIbazizen Mohamed Hamou
Qualitative and comparative study of different approaches to the problem of optimization in functional spaces.Tikobaini HamidMorsli Mohammed
Influence in multidimensional statistics.Cheikh MalikaIbazizen Mohamed Hamou
Stability of exponential models and applications to time seriesZerouzou AnissaFellag Hocine


Thesis theme  Student Manager 
Bayesian approach to outlier detectionAit-Mohammed NouraIbazizen Mohamed Hamou


Thesis theme  Student Manager 
The quantile process for non-identical independent variables in Holderian normsBOUALAM, KarimaHamadouche Djamel
Holderian convergence of the empirical process for independent random variables not of the same distributionGraiche FaridHamadouche Djamel
Estimation and testing in rupture modelsBelkacem CherifaFellag Hocine


Thesis theme  Student Manager 
On time-series predictionHamaz AbdelghaniFellag Hocine
Hölderian invariance principles for independent random variablesYoucef TALEBHamadouche Djamel


Thesis theme  Student Manager 
Stability of non-linear time seriesAtil LyndaFellag Hocine
Convexity and optimization in Orlicz spacesSmaali MannalMorsli Mohammed