Mouloud Mammeri University, Tizi-Ouzou

Pure and Applied Mathematics Laboratory (LMPA)

Conferences and workshops

Alongside UMMTO's Mathematics Department and Faculty of Science, the LMPA Laboratory has taken part in the organization of scientific events:

Journées Scientifiques on the theme: "Recent advances in state observers for nonlinear dynamical systems". Led by Pr. A. Zemouche (Univ. Lorraine, France) and Pr. T-M. Laleg (Kaust, Saudi Arabia). From June 26, 2019 to June 30, 2019.

The Statistics team organized two Scientific Days on December 03 and 04, 2019, on Algebraic Statistics. These days were led by Professor Abdenacer Makhlouf, (Haute Alsace University of Mulhouse, France), who presented two lectures entitled: 1. The Rota-Baxter operator: genesis and applications 2. Algebraic approach to deformations

Workshop on Algebraic Statistics and Random matrices, UMMTO, November 7-8, 2016. Chair: Pr. Hocine Fellag.

Organization of scientific days of the Laboratoire de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (LMPA), Tizi-Ouzou, January 09-11, 2011. Chairman: Pr. Hamadouche Djamel.


Organization of the second Magrebian itinerant workshops on numerical simulation (AMIS'09), LMPA-UMMTO, March 22-26, 2009. Chairman: Pr. Mohamed Morsli

Workshop WEDSTAT'09 on Theoretical and applied statistics, UMMTO, May 4-7, 2009 (Chair: Hocine Fellag)


Organization of the sixth meeting on mathematical analysis and its applications (RAMA6), LMPA-UMMTO, April 26-28, 2008. Chairman: Pr. Mohamed Morsli


Our laboratory's statistics team, under the responsibility of Pr. Hocine Fellag, also had the honor of organizing a national meeting on statistics and its applications. UMMTO. May 29-30, 2006, which saw the birth of the Algerian Statistical Society.

Linux system study days (2006)